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How long does a valet take ?  

Please allow a approximately 1.5 hours for Mini Valets and 2.5 to 3 hours for Midi and Maxi and depending on the size and condition of the vehicle.

Do we need a supply of water and electricity to perform the valet ?

No, our vehicle is fully equipped with water tank and generator. However the running of the generator can cause some noise, if you prefer we can plug in to your electricty supply to minimise disturbance.

Are you insured to work on customers cars ?

Yes we are fully insured to carry out this work.

What products do you use to clean my car ?

We use a variety of professional high quality products that we have found to give the best performance in our own tests.

Does the weather have to be good to valet my car ?

While good weather is always preferable most of our services can be completed in wet weather excluding high winds, very icy conditions and heavy rain in which case we would need to re-book.

Is there an extra charge for extremely dirty cars or cars that have carried pets ?

Depending on how soiled the exterior and interior is this may apply but a full price will always be quoted before work starts.

Are Engine Bay Cleans included in any of the Valet packages ?

Engine Bay Cleaning is not included in the 3 main valet packages but if required can be added to any of the valet packages for an additional fee. 


Can i get a discount if i have more than one vehicle valeted on the same booking ?

Yes !! if you have three or more vehicles at the same address for valeting a discounted price can be agreed.

How do i pay ?

We accept contactless payments for all major cards and cash.

How quick can i get a valet ?

Depending how busy we are at the time we will fit you in as soon as possible or whenever is convenient for you. It is always best to book your valet in plenty of time when possible, however short notice appointments can be accommodated if there are appointments available.

Do you clean the child seats ?

Please remove all child restraints from the vehicle prior to a valet. Child seats are not included in any of the valet packages but can be steam cleaned at an extra charge if required. It is the customers responsibility to re-fit any child restraints.

What if i need to cancel my booking?

Please give us as much notice as possible by calling or messaging 07972033462 if you wish to cancel your booking to allow us to give the booking to another customer if required.

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