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car interior

Below is a brief description to give you an idea of some of the processes that are carried out on your vehicle depending on which valet package you choose.


PRE-WASH :Snow Foam to break up dirt and road grime. We do not use aggressive chemicals like many hand car washes that may damage or remove previous coatings or waxes.

MAIN-WASH :High quality shampoo and wax is used with a wash mitt that is regularly rinsed in separate clean water to minimize the risk of swirl marks caused by dirt being drawn across the paintwork.

DRYING :Micro fiber drying towels used to remove any remaining water from paintwork.

PAINTWORK TREATMENT :Depending on the condition of the paint and customers requirements several methods can be used. If the finish is in need of renovation and contains contamination like tar spots or oxidization a tar remover and  iron particles fall out remover and renovating polish  either applied by hand or machine .
The use of clay restores the shine to paintwork and removes small particles of dirt that are embeded in the surface of the paint. These dirt particles can cause the paint to feel rough to the touch and cause dulling of the finish.  After clay treatment the paint will feel smooth and will then benefit from the use of a quality polish that will also improve the finish further. Finally applying a sealant can lock in the shine and protect the paint from future contaminants.


Depending on the condition of the interior a range of methods can be used to revitalise your seats and carpets along with plastic and rubber trims.

If there are no stains to the seats and carpets a thorough vacuuming may suffice.


In the event of stained and soiled carpets we can use a combination of steam, shampoo with extraction and compressed air to remove dirt and odours. 

If your vehicle has leather seats these can be treated with Leather Cleaner if required and also Leather Conditioner to give further protection.This would usually be part of a full valet but if you require an interior only valet see prices in our Price & Packages section.

Dashboard and other interior plastic and rubber parts are cleaned, sanitized and dressed with a protective coating either in a gloss or natural finish.


The Fog-it process can be carried out at the end of the valet to ensure that the vehicle is left germ and odour free. The process consists of filling the vehicle with a fragranced fog mist that conforms to EN14476 this kills all known enveloped viruses of which Covid 19 is one. In addition it removes unwanted odours from the vehicle.



If there is a particular problem with your vehicle that you would like addressed during any of the valet packages we can concentrate our attention on that if required.

For example a particular mark on upholstery or carpets that causes concern.

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